The apps are still available for download & purchase and work fine on iPhone 6. I don’t know how they look on the 6+ so until I can check it out on one and report back – buy at your own discretion. As for my future with apps and games I was thinking of moving from phones & mobile to desktop. This would mean a possible (re-)release of Rubedo HD for Mac and PC desktops with some extra (social) features that I didn’t get to include in the mobile version. Kali 9 would also be a desktop release only.

I’ve spent the last few months pursuing other business avenues and opportunities with Pixoasis. I’ve also taken on extra client work to pay the bills. All my free time has gone into preparing this new area of Pixoasis that I still can’t talk about yet but I hope to soon. As a result I had to put my work on games and apps on the far side for now, at least until things start to settle and I have some time to myself again.

I’ve got some cleaning to do to the site so please mind the mess while I update sections here and there.